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Are you optimised for Facebook?

Why is this important?

Facebook is a growing user base of 3.5 billion, making it a perfect platform for any business no matter what industry or size.
There are already 90 million business pages on Facebook, but here’s something really alarming…
Out of that 90 million, only 16 Million use Facebook’s paid advertising. That’s only 14.6%, of which most don’t know how to truely utilise it.
That’s the most common thing we find with businesses using Facebook, they believe they are already using it to its best ability but the truth is, most people are only scratching the surface.
Understanding the importance of a strong digital presence can play a massive role in your businesses growth.

Customer Story

Jesse from NZFUR+SKIN understood one thing when he booked his marketing WOF with us and that was if they were to consistently hit their revenue goals, they needed to learn how to optimise Facebook advertising for their business.


He understood the opportunities of using Facebook but didn’t quite know how to get the ball running efficiently on his own.


Once Jesse took action and scheduled a 30 Minute Marketing WOF with us, we mapped out their goals and figured out how we could help.


With an already well established Facebook Page, we knew we could smash it out of the park with the incorporation of Facebook advertising.


Now a Facebook plan was in place and an outstanding website ready to support the campaigns, it was time to implement a strategy tailored for their businesses success.


Within the first week, they generated more revenue than the previous 7 weeks in business. All it took was Jesse to schedule a 30 Minute Marketing WOF to learn how to utilise Facebook advertising to help NZFUR+SKINS reach their goals.

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