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Property-based work makes up 85% of our total workload…

…with some very well known businesses on our client list and systems that have been proven with millions of dollars of ad spend.

Here are our main 3 property advertising systems:

High Volume:

Perfect for a competent, large sales team. High volume allows your business to build a database fast while also increasing sales short and long term. It requires more work from your staff qualifying the leads but has a huge effect long term as your database grows

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Looking for high volume leads?

High Quality:

This is perfect for a small, personal sales team. Making sure high quality, engaged leads are coming through that cost more, but are also easier to manage is important here.

Great for a business that’s recently started selling internally.

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Are quality leads important to you?

Creating a system that suits your business is more important than copying your competition, each business has something unique about them that will help them to stand out in the market and attract the right customers for them.

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