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We take huge pride in providing exceptional outcomes for our clients. We do this first by understanding your business, and secondly explaining what we do in a way you can understand. This allows for productive conversations between us and your business and continued growth between us.

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Digital Simple was created because we identified a problem, businesses know they need to be online, but often have had bad experiences with agencies and don’t understand their own potential in the space. Our biggest focus with our Digital Marketing is to provide world class outcomes for our clients, based solely around the area they want to see grow.

We strive to implement our plans to the highest level and provide our clients with results that they are not only impressed by, but also understand… Results they can feel good about! With a large focus on investing in training, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with what’s next in marketing and also pushing the boundaries to provide better outcomes for our clients.



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James Wallace

The captain of the ship, James started Digital Simple from his kitchen table in 2018 dreaming of changing the Digital Marketing industry for the better. Fuelled by passion and caffeine he’s always available to talk about how your business can get more back from its marketing and help you succeed.

Lily Roelofs
Christchurch Manager

With a passion for seeing clients succeed, Lily brings her experience of managing clients as a freelance video producer to Digital Simple. She’s excited to continue building relationships in the marketing industry. When she’s not busy in the office, Lily and Nacho (her dog) are likely to be out on an adventure at the beach or in the mountains!

Matt Gould
Marketing Analyst

The man behind all the numbers and reports, applying his strategic gaming skills to your strategic adverts. When he’s not optimising ads, Matt can be found battling the wind in frisbee golf, utilising his long limbs on the basketball court and progressing his learning of Korean by streaming Korean music most of the day!

Claudia Haddon
Content Creator

A content and creative expert, Claudia uses her wit to wow clients Facebook and Instagram feeds with her digital animations and wicked photographs. In her free time, Claudia can be found with a film camera in hand. She eats so much ramen she may as well be a noodle and spends far too much money on plants.

“I used to manage the advertising myself, we were doing a great job, were generating lots of leads, everything was good, but I got too busy and I needed to hand it off. Now, I’m a control freak, I’m very fussy about who I let manage our companies account, we engaged James from Digital Simple and he’s done an absolutely amazing job.”

Matthew Horncastle

Williams Corporation

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