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We take a lot of pride in removing the stress from your marketing, allowing you to spend more time doing what you’re good at.

We will need some time from you, especially at the start. From there on it’ll be mostly phone, online, or face to face meetings that allow us to improve the quality of the marketing we are doing for you.

This varies on a case by case basis, the majority of our clients are lead and sales motivated. The key point is establishing your metric at the start, based on what will work best for you, and then going out and achieving that metric.

As much or as little as you would like, the minimum is a monthly report showing ad spend and results, however, you can contact one of our team at any time and a lot of our clients have regular (monthly, fortnightly or weekly) catch ups as well.

Truthfully, you don’t. We will be honest with you around the potential of the campaign at the start and have a range of CASE STUDIES you can read too.

Absolutely, every person with an internet connection has access to Facebook Ads manager, the reasons you would outsource are time and expertise.

We live and breath Facebook and Instagram ads, and spent over $1,250,000 on them in 2020 alone (generating in excess of $400,000,000 in sales).

Time is another big motivation as we check every ad every day to make sure your campaign is working as well as possible.

We see this a lot too be honest, there are a lot of Digital Marketers out there and as mentioned in the previous FAQ, anyone can run online ads.

Although we aren’t magicians, We have a pretty good track record. The most important thing is to do the  correct research into your Digital marketers success’ before you start.

Never, if we were doing a good job you would stick around right?

We do ask for 90 days of commitment at the start of a new campaign to give us a fair chance to make things work, but this is not contractual, we just sometimes turn away work where the business isn’t happy with this.